What is Houston?

Houston provides you with a central command center for your local- and cloud-based web systems and gives you the ability to integrate best-of breed technologies like Drupal, Alfresco, and Salesforce.com, into a single cohesive and powerful application.

Houston allows you to create your ideal data model (objects, object relationships, fields, files, users/contacts, etc.) which are mapped to the systems it controls, and provides a backup of all of your most important data.

Houston provides a queuing system, as well as a 'conflict resolution' system, which ensures that your data is always up to date, and the failure of one system does not directly effect any of the other systems.

Houston is easily extensible by adding new "Controllers", which ensures that you can integrate any application that utilizes Web Services, keeping you on the cutting edge of technology while helping to make sure you are never caught with any vender lock in.

Why Houston?

Houston was created to solve some specific technical challenges faced by organizations relying on disparate technologies to perform their central mission.